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We Move the Earth With Technology

Global Positioning Systems

Global Positioning Systems

GPS is used to make sure the job is done right for you. Gone are the days of old-fashion grade staking. With GPS, we can start the job quicker and grade the job site with precision. With GPS on our equipment we have automated machine control for efficient precise grading to tight tolerances. We believe GPS is the most accurate way to move the earth. We believe in doing it right the first time.

We Move the Earth With Technology

Hydrovac Excavation

With hydrovac equipment, we can do more with less. Hydrovac is the only, non-destructive method of digging which utilizes pressurized water and a vacuum system to excavate the soil, rocks and more. With this equipment, we are able to see any buried underground utilities so that they can be avoided in the dig. By using a hydrovac, we need less labor, less backfill, and will have less of an impact on the environmental than conventional digging methods. We are able to perform quick, clean and precise excavations, which means your job site will be excavated in the most efficient way.

We Make Safety a Priority


Over the years, we’ve put together a team of qualified employees who are skilled in the practices of excavation. We make safety a priority by requiring our employees to attend training and inspection programs that address all areas of the job. We adhere to the latest safety standards so that we can perform better for you.


At Connolly Construction, we’ve incorporated new technology in our business to ensure better quality work, improved speed and accuracy on the job.