Connolly Construction, Inc.

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Peosta, IA 52068

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Excavation & Grading

The first and most important step in every project is site preparation. We analyze each project upfront to eliminate any surprises. Taking this step in the process will get the job to completion as efficiently and economically as possible. It is our way of saying "we care" about your project.

Moving the earth quickly and efficiently is the main focus of our business. We understand the importance of completing a job on schedule and take every step to make this happen. Whether your job is big or small, we will make sure it is executed properly.

Leveling the earth to job specification is critical to the success of any construction project. We take extra care to ensure both rough grading and fine grading are done to your approval. Our goal is to refine your job site for the next phase of construction.

We Do More Than Dig Dirt   


Connolly Construction is a full-service excavating company who is equipped to handle projects of all sizes. From large scale to the small, we can do it all:


• Agriculture Improvements

• Housing Developments

• Highway and Road Construction

• Industrial-Commercial Sites

• Public Works

• Ponds and Trails

• Landfill Expansions and Closures

• Aviation/Runway Work

Other Services

With underground utilities, you want it to be done right and safely. Our experienced staff makes sure each job is done accurately utilizing technology while being safe. Our services include storm and sanitary sewers, water mains, and culverts.